Our security system for you

We are the first Outpatient Site for Radiation Oncology in Germany to work fully equipped with OPASCA products in order to optimize work processes, patient safety, your time management, convenience and well-being during treatment. You will intuitively learn more about the system as soon as you arrive at the practice. We always accompany you during the treatment.

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Kontakt & Terminvergabe in der Strahlentherapie-Praxis in Berlin

In case of any questions, do not hesitate, contact our Patient Management. Our team will help you to clarify any open questions or arrange an online appointment directly.


Erkrankung: Strahlentherapie-Behandlung, Berlin

In the Private Clinic for Radiation Oncology Vosspalais in Berlin, we treat all oncological entities that represent an indication for radiation therapy.



1.) The Welcome Terminal

Sign in at the Welcome Terminal when you enter our practice for the first time. You will be admitted and you will be provided with a patient ID card for the duration of the radiation therapy. With this you can enter the practice every day for therapy and open the front door.

2.) Patient pass

A number is assigned to you with the therapy pass, so that all information and communications on the monitors use this number, so that maximum discretion is guaranteed. We work paper-free. You can sign documents online. Our Patient Management will assist you.

Abbildung Therapiepass-Administration

3.) Advantages of the therapy pass

You can use the patient pass to register at the check-in before each treatment. As soon as you have logged in, the team will know that you entered the site and that the radiotherapy can begin. This avoids unnecessary waiting times for you and for us. In addition, you can communicate with the patient card, request prescriptions and regulations, have documents issued or arrange appointments for a doctor’s consultation.

4.) The registration station (patient desk)

At the patient desk, they have the opportunity to read, fill out and sign important documents that must be available prior to treatment in a discreet and undisturbed manner. Information and information sheets optimized for your treatment are available digitally for this purpose.

Patienten Desk

5.) Patient Navigation | So that you can find your way around quickly

Screens in the corridors show you the right way – to the planning CT, to the radiation device or to a doctor’s room. This allows you to move around the practice with the greatest possible safety.

6.) Security | The safety suite from OPASCA

In the therapy area, the so-called Safety Suite is available from OPASCA. This includes, among other things, sophisticated camera surveillance of the therapy rooms to ensure that staff and patients are protected.

Safety Suite von OPASCA
Patienten Validation

7.) Patient Validation

For your security, we have implemented a patient validation system. This allows your face to be recognized before the radiation therapy begins. Any further treatment requires the assignment of this data from your facial recognition to your personal radiation plan. Only then will the radiation be released. This rules out patient mix-ups or plan mix-ups.

For additional security, the system offers a so-called setup validation. This provides feedback from the positioning means used during radiation therapy as to whether the positioning means used or the position set is the position selected and correct for you to prevents positioning errors before starting treatment.

8.) Surface detection and deep inspiration breath hold technique (Ambient Lightning)

Ambient Lightning gives us the ability to perform radiation therapy at specific breathing phases. For radiation treatment of the breast or chest wall deep inspiration breath hold techniques have become the new standard of care. The radiation only in the deep inspiration allows for saving lung and heart volume from high dose volumes and reduces the risk of late toxicity of the heart and lungs.

The room light gives you feedback as to which breathing phase you are in and whether the radiation is taking place. Breathing phases are backed up with specific room light so that you have visual control over the optimal breathing phase during radiotherapy. If you are not in the perfect phase of breathing, the irradiation will be stopped and resumed with the next breathing cycle. This system is used, among other things, in the treatment of lung and breast tumors.

Ambient Lightning
Bildschirm im Behandlungsraum

9.) Communication | during therapy

During the therapy you can communicate with us or your companions via the screen and sound.

10.) Communication | via app

During and after the end of the therapy, the so-called Companion App offers the opportunity to communicate with us, to give us feedback on the treatment, to exchange information about possible side effects caused by radiation therapy and to make appointments. However, you can also use this method to simply send us information that is important to you.

Kommunikation per App

We therefore offer you a comprehensive, state-of-the-art system that accompanies, checks, monitors and documents the therapy processes from the beginning of your entry into the practice to the last day of therapy and beyond. This gives you the greatest possible security, undisturbed and while minimizing all possible sources of error, to experience therapy at the highest technological level combined with human attention, time and personal commitment on our part.

Therapiebegleitung per App