Project Description

Depending on the location, fine tissue structure (squamous cell carcinoma or adenocarcinoma), tumor stage and lymph node involvement, the therapy of the tumor can consist of an operation alone, a neoadjuvant (radio-)chemotherapy followed by an operation, or a definitive radiochemotherapy, if necessary in combination with an immunotherapy . We will advise you on this in detail in our initial consultation.

Which documents would you ideally bring with you to our joint discussion?

  • the doctor’s letter from the institution/clinic treating you
  • the surgical report or the findings of the endoscopy (esophageal endoscopy/gastroscopy)
  • the histological findings (histology)
  • the decision of the tumor conference
  • if available, MRI findings, CT findings of the lungs (thorax) and of the stomach, pelvis (abdomen, pelvis), whole-body skeletal scintigraphy or PET-CT
  • the address of your urologist and general practitioner
  • your medication list
  • Your chemotherapy plan (if receiving chemotherapy)
  • Immunotherapy plan (if receiving immunotherapies)
  • If you have a pacemaker, please bring your pacemaker passport with you.

What can you do to support the success of the therapy as much as possible?

  • Please bring a shower or sauna towel with you to every radiation session.
  • Check your weight once a week and record it, please.
  • If you have difficulty swallowing or lose weight, we will also prescribe you a high-calorie diet (“astronaut diet”).
  • Together we will coordinate the chemotherapy prescribed by your oncologist.
  • Please bring the so-called chemotherapy plan with you.
  • Eat a varied and high-protein diet. Avoid alcohol and nicotine and discontinue all vitamin supplements during radiation therapy.
  • If you have had radiation therapy before, please bring the radiation plans with you. We can advise you all the faster and more precisely at your first appointment as to whether further radiation therapy, to what extent, fractionation and dosage makes sense and is justifiable.
  • If you have a pacemaker, please bring your pacemaker passport with you.
  • Avoid using powder or alcohol and oil in the irradiation area.