Project Description

Since the new WHO classification, brain tumors have been classified according to their genetics, i.e. the presence or absence of genetic changes.

The changes (so-called MGMT status, IDH mutation, 1p19q deletion and others) that the neuropathologist detects in your tumor tissue decides on the optimal combination of therapy methods: radiation therapy alone, radiation therapy followed by chemotherapy, simultaneous combination of radiation and chemotherapy . We will advise you in detail on your first visit to us.

Which documents would you ideally bring with you to our joint discussion?

  • the doctor’s letter from the institution/clinic treating you
  • the OP report
  • the histological findings (histology and molecular pathology-IDH, MGMT, 1p19q_Co-deletion, TERT)
  • the decision of the tumor conference
  • MRI findings preoperatively and postoperatively.
  • the address of your gynaecologist and general practitioner
  • your medication list
  • If you have a pacemaker, please bring your pacemaker passport with you.

What can you do to support the success of the therapy as much as possible?

  • Until further notice, you may not actively participate in road traffic as a driver or cyclist.
  • If you have been prescribed antiepileptic drugs, please bring the dosing plan with you.
  • Please bring a shower or sauna towel with you to every radiation session.
  • Ensure a regular life with sufficient breaks for relaxation and recreation.
  • Do sport and strengthen your immune system and prevent fatigue symptoms.
  • Move regularly in the fresh desire.
  • During radiation therapy, avoid hot full baths, sauna, solarium, direct sunlight in the area of the irradiated region.
  • Eat a varied and high-protein diet. Avoid alcohol and nicotine and discontinue all vitamin supplements during radiation therapy.
  • Check your weight once a week and record it, please.
  • Shower with water and skin-friendly syndets, soaps or shower gels.
  • Do not apply any alcoholic substances (perfume, perfumed lotions, or alcohol-based deodorants) to the skin.
  • Avoid using powder or alcohol and oil in the irradiation area.